Danielle Bartel

Hello! I’m a graphic designer at J. Walter Thompson Toronto. Born and raised on the prairies, I moved to the proverbial big city to study at OCAD University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Design. Now, I help some of the country’s best-known brands connect with consumers through print and digital media.

While much of my work consists of playing in the sandbox of established brands, I like to get my hands on all stages of identity development, from the first visionary concepts, to the shiny new logo, to the detailed 100-page brand guidelines document. At JWT, I’ve worked on product- and campaign-specific branding projects as well as complete identity redesigns across a range of industries, including retail, education, and non-profit.

By day I work in advertising, but by night I make pretty patterns! Some of my designs are available on Spoonflower and have participated in Make It In Design courses and briefs. I love to work in bright colours, geometric shapes, and flat graphic illustration, and have a particular interest in patterns for home décor, stationery, and children’s products.

When I’m not busy being a super-serious* designer, you’ll find me munching on pastry (or anything sweet), hoarding cute stationery, knitting, or day dreaming about dogs. I love dogs.


*Not too serious. My wardrobe isn’t even mostly black.